8 Sensational Ways to Decorate With Blue

Blue Room

There is just something about blue. We’ve been decorating with it forever, and it’s not hard to see why. Blue is one of those classic and timeless colors that can do something amazing in any space and with any style. Maybe the reason is because the color is so naturally versatile. Outside, blue can be the bright color of a warm spring day or the deep fathomless shade of a rolling ocean.

Blue Room

Inside, it can do much the same thing, coming across as light and energetic or deep and moody. Every shade of blue has a distinct feeling and any of them can work well in the right space. And no matter what level of color you choose to place it at, blue can alter the feeling of your space in so many different ways. You can fill a room with blue walls or accent a neutral space with pillows and accessories. All in all, a wonderful color that will never really go out of style.

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