Bob Timberlake Lauded for Furniture Design

Great designers are far and few between, Bob Timberlake is one of the few. His designs have been featured all around the world, and in some of the most well know showrooms. Bob is one of the best known furniture designers today, ironically Bob Timberlake never envisioned a career in the industry.

As a young boy, he would often join his dad in visiting local Master Craftsman Fred Craver. “I spent many hours watching, talking and listening to Fred and his love of wood, especially stories learned from the grain and color from wood. He taught me how to love and appreciate living trees for what they offered and supplied us….One of his favorite things he would share with me was, ‘Bob, wood actually speaks; put the finish in the wood, not on it, as it will get better and prettier the older it gets.’”

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