Build the Ultimate Router Table

Router Table

Always dreamed of having a router table able to fit in your workshop, and able to handle the needs of the average woodworker? Look no further than these plans from “Plans Now”. They included every wish-list item we could think of when designing this shop-built router table. The heavy-duty top can handle just about any size work piece you give it, with a lock-down miter track for holding jigs and accessories.

We also included a micro-adjustment tool that lets you fine tune the exact position of your fence for extremely accurate cuts.

Large, thick top – It’s big enough to handle most work pieces, and it’s equipped with a miter track for holding jigs and other accessories.

T-track fence system – Includes a micro-adjust feature for precision cuts and also plays a key part in the builtin dust collection system.

Storage – Below the table, the stout base adds ample storage. And there are casters that make it easy to move the router table around your shop.

Inexpensive MDF – Saves you money in material costs.

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Router Table

Image courtesy of Plans Now