Creating A Decorative Tabletop For A Dinner Party

Individuals planning an elegant dinner party put a lot of thought and effort into planning the menu, cooking the meal and preparing the home for guests. Tabletop decorations are just as important for setting the right mood even though to many people they are an afterthought if they even bother to think about them at all. Selecting the right decor is as important as the other elements. Appropriate decorations tie everything together and lets the guests know they are attending a special event.

A formal dinner party offers the ideal time to dust off the good china and set the table with bowls and different size plates for each course. Polish all the silverware pieces and arrange them in a formal setting with forks to the left of the dinner plate and the knives and spoons to the right. Use the best serving platters and bowls in the house and choose the appropriate drink dispensers for the beverages. In this case, a wine carafe is more suitable than pouring wine from the bottle. Flower petals scattered across the tabletop adds a decorative flair.

Choose a decoration theme to match the menu. Paper lanterns add a charming touch to a dinner party where the host serves Asian cuisine. A colorful piñata adds just the right touch for a Mexican fiesta. Flowers and candles are classic decorations that go with any theme. A creative tabletop centerpiece provides an elegant touch to any party.

Candles add a pleasing glow to the atmosphere. Pillar candles in candlesticks or floating candles in a decorative punch bowl are ideal whether placed on the dinner table or elsewhere in the room. Scented candles are not suitable for a dinner party. Unscented candles are better because they will not interfere with the aroma of the meal. Tiki torches or hanging lanterns provide a fun alternative for an outdoor event.

Adding tabletop decorations is crucial when hosting a formal dinner party. This is not the time for plastic forks and paper plates. After putting out the fine china and silverware, accessorize with candles, place cards, napkin rings and a spectacular table centerpiece to bring it all together.