How To Decorate Your Living Room Using Four Simple Techniques

The following ideas will make your small living room become a comfortable place to live in. This is especially if you have only one room where you gather around, it can be difficult to use a small space for multiple functions. You can use some simple design techniques to make your room feel bigger, become functional and stylish. All you need to do is follow these decorating ideas to decorate your living room.

#1: Arranging your Furniture

Always consider using multipurpose furniture to serve multiple functions. Sleeper sofas for example, can keep your living room stylish during the day and make you sleep comfortably during the night. The best part is this furniture fits perfectly well in a small room in a studio apartment. Additionally, if this furniture is armless with slender legs, it will give the impression of an open and airy room.

#2: Color Ideas

You can make your room feel larger if you use one color to furnish your room and walls. You can make it stylish by using textured decors. If you have an adjoining room, use similar colors on the walls and floor. This connects the two rooms giving your living room a spacious impression.

#3: Thoughts on Lighting

Lights can be used creatively to increase the breath of a room. Divert the attention of the room to the windows by using colorful curtains and creating cutouts into other chambers. Use reflective materials on the walls such as mirrors and metals to reflect the light thereby creating an illusion of additional space. You should consider painting the ceiling blue or any light or gloss paint to give the impression of height. You could also use recessed lighting or skylight to attract more light into the room without occupying more space.

#4: Decorating

Use vertical space to create more space on the floor. Put up shelves and bookcases on the walls. These can serve as a display for your home decor objects. If you have furniture that is portable, put them away unless there are visitors. To add more style to your chairs, cover them up with accentuating slipcovers. When you use these ideas to decorate you living room, you will be able to add a defining and stylish feature in your home.