The Different Options of Country Style Decorating

Over the past few decades, country style decorating has evolved and improved significantly. Although most countries have their own interpretation of country style decoration, this type of design generally adds warmth, coziness and comfort to people’s home. Country style decoration first started in Europe where wealthy patrons tried to copy the typical styling of European court furnishings in their estates. As time passed by, these styles were adapted to fit a more utilitarian and practical lifestyle. Because of these roots, people are now able to enjoy fun and exciting varieties of country style decorating. Although these varieties differ in style and appeal, they do share some similar characteristics. In fact, most of them include the use of handmade furnishings, muted colors, unique patterns, and as well as hand-woven fabrics and wooden accessories.

American Country Style Decorating
Some people are fond of using the American country style of decorating. This type of design usually brings comfort, warmth to any type of room. Aside from this, it also includes the use of charming decorative items that are simple yet attractive. American country style also has craftsmanship that is clean and subtle in execution. It may also use furnishings that are handmade, which effectively adds coziness to the ambiance of the house or the room. These are some of the reasons why American country style is still very popular nowadays.

English Country Style Decorating
Unlike the American country style of decorating, the English version is more formal when it comes to the decorations. Nevertheless, the overall styling of this design is also more relaxed and laid back just like the other country designs. English country style is also focused more on the details of the decors and as well as the elegance. Because of this, Chester sofas, oil paintings and garden-inspired patterns are typically seen in an English country-styled residence.

French Country Style Decorating
French country style is also known as the French Provincial Style of decorating. This is actually very similar to the English country style with only a few distinctive elements. The French design is a lot lighter compared to the style of English country. The curves and shapes used in the design are more delicate and intricate. Aside from this, the French country look also does not include nature as part of its element. It is typically styled and decorated with plaster walls, roughened woods, wrought irons and tole fabrics.

Spanish Country Style Decorating
The Spanish country style decoration is considered to be the boldest of all the designs. It includes the use of wooden and earthy colors as part of the décor. It also adds earthy accessories such as clay pots and hand-painted tiles and vases. Aside from these, most Spanish decors also include religious shapes and icons such as crosses and statues of saints.

Tuscan or Italian Country Style Decorating
The Tuscan or Italian Country design is considered to be the most celebrated style of all. It perfectly merges the beauty of the outdoors with the indoors. Just like the Spanish design, Tuscan country style decoration is also earthy in appeal, which uses natural building materials such as bricks, and exposed stones. Most Tuscan designs also include uncovered windows, natural wood and rough plaster walls. This perfectly personifies the warmth and comfort exhibited by the Italian people.