Furniture Companies Help Sandy Victims

Furniture companies & non profits all across America are coming together to help victims of hurricane sandy rebuild their lives and add a little comfort with home furnishings.

When Dawn Martinez went back to Locust Point last Friday after four weeks of uncertainty, a new home was waiting for her.

Her basement apartment, ravaged by Hurricane Sandy, got new life when a Bronx furniture store donated new beds, mattresses, a marble dining table and chairs so she and her two young children can live comfortably again.

“I walked into the showroom and they said, ‘Here is the kids’ section, whatever you want is yours,” Martinez said, recounting her visit to Corner Furniture on White Plains Road. “Living and depending on everyone else has been hard.”

Her apartment, which sits underneath her parents’ house, was destroyed by the storm. Belongings were wiped out, and everything soaked by the contaminated water needed to be trashed.

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