Green Outdoor Patio Furniture

patio furniture

Long-lasting outdoor furniture have always been sought after but these days there is something else that is highly sought after too and that is eco friendly outdoor furniture. There is a huge industry that is dedicated to manufacturing such furniture materials which benefits the environment. Thus the outdoor furniture is manufactured using green raw materials and techniques.

Using Fabrics That Are Eco-Friendly

Plastic bags used for groceries and milk bottles often end up in the landfill or just contaminating the land surface. A better way of using these polyresin plastics would be to recycle them. Recycling is a very easy process which can help in preventing wastage of exhaustible resources and promoting creative uses of the same. A good example of recycling in case of environmentally friendly outdoor-furniture would be highwood USA. This is a recycled fabric that is used in outdoor-furniture. The texture of the material is the same like cotton but it doesn’t mildew because it dries away very fast, thus preventing holding up of moisture. This material is poly-based, which makes it easier to hold colors like muted browns, tans, golds, etc for a long period of time. Fading and stretching-out is out of question with this fiber. The fiber is extremely strong, which makes it the best choice for creating complex weaves for retro patterns like herringbone, hounds tooth, etc. If the fabric is spaced out by even a small margin during the weaving process then it would turn into a breathable fabric, just like cotton. Should you succeed in wearing it out then you can recycle the material.

Manufacturing Furniture Out Of Garbage

Instead of using plastics, which are very harmful for the environment, the polyresin base is used in the process of manufacturing of this kind of outdoor-furniture. PolyWood, a company manufacturing eco-friendly furniture actually uses faux wood frames, these are very low-maintenance in the sense that they do not require painting and nor do they rot. Another example would be Adirondack chairs, these are being highly appreciated by consumers because they are free from splinters, they are very smooth and are quite resistant against everyday wear and tear.

patio furniture

If you want your furniture to be made from all-natural materials then you can go for Shorea wood. Shorea is considered to be the cousin of Teak, it is an eco-friendly wood that is naturally resistant to bugs and suitable for use during any weather. In order to make it a sustainably harvestable wood, this one has to be planted and taken care of properly. Once these trees mature, they would be able to provide a sustainable and steady supply of wood. Since the grain in this kind of wood is extremely dense, therefore it does not require any finishing.

Selecting manufacturers of green outdoor-furniture

As a manufacturer, if you adopt eco-friendly techniques then the world would become a much better place. Eco furniture collections such as Dartmoor, Cabos, Merida, etc utilize sustainable woods which do not require any kind of finishing. This helps in reducing the use of chemicals, making the wood more long-lasting and natural. The timber required is supplied by Forestry Stewardship Council, which is an eco friendly and sustainable timber supplier. Also, in case of drying kilns, recycled wood is also used, which results in lower carbon footprint.

It is best to opt for environmentally friendly furniture because deep down you are aware of your responsibilities towards the environment and you want to make the world a better and cleaner place to live in.