Highwood USA has become SHARP!

Highwood USA, a producer of synthetic wood located in the Tidewood Industrial Park, received certification under OSHA’s Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP) program today. SHARP recognizes employers that have developed and maintain an exemplary safety and health management system.

This achievement elevates Highwood’s safety programs to a level attained by only 50 companies in PA.
Acceptance of Highwood into SHARP by OSHA required them to demonstrate a company culture dedicated to a safe and healthy work environment. The company must have a record of lost work time below industry average for at least one year and must further address any potential safety hazards identified during the OSHA consultations in a timely way.

They now maintain a “lost time” rate 35% below industry average and the recordable safety incident rate has tumbled from over 17 to less than 1.

Danielle Hess, Plant Manager, said “Our safety committee has been working tirelessly since 2006 on identifying and eliminating any potential safety issues in the plant and in the way we do our jobs. The entire team is very proud to be recognized by OSHA as one of a handful of companies that has achieved this status.”

Cindy Mellon, Safety Consultant with OSHA’s Consultation Program, noted “I have witnessed a true desire to maintain a safe environment. Over the 5 years we have been working with Highwood, I have seen a steady improvement in their systems and practices. It is apparent that safety is part of the day-to-day culture.”

To recognize Highwood’s entry into the elite group of companies, Cindy Mellon presented the company with a certificate and flag, which will be flown at the Hometown facility.

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