Home decor Gifts for the holiday season

All types of home furnishings make great presents for the holidays. Give the special person in your life a really special gift this season. Lets look at some gifts for the home.

One of the most classic items for home decor is a stain glass lamp, these lamps provide a colorful shade to accent just about any decor. Brighten someones life with a Mission Style Desk Lamp, a Tiffany Style Sconce or a beautiful Multi Colored ceiling light.

Another great item is a wicker clothes hamper, the come in many colors, sizes and shapes. Laundry hampers work equally well in the babies room, bathroom or bedroom.

Tabletop items such as cheese boards and lazy susan’s are very functional items and work well in the kitchen too.

Fireplace accessories are highly decorative and functional too. Firescreens are available in metal and stained glass to style to any fireplace. When building and maintaining your fire, a fireplace tool set is a must and even these can be very stylish. Other fireplace related items include wood baskets and Andirons.

For those who enjoy a drink at holiday time, a wine accessory kit maybe just the right gift.

One of the most popular gifts has always been a quality clock. Mantel clocks are a great way to decorate the fireplace and can be used on the tabletop too. Wall clocks are a fashionable gift too, we have wall clocks available in solid wood and even some neon wall clocks for decorating any wall.

Don’t forget the kids, we have some of the best children’s play tents around, we also offer gifts for the pet.

We hope this has provided you with some quality gift ideas for the upcoming holiday season.