Maple the Ultimate Wood for Furniture

Maple Wood

If you are anything like me, you enjoy contemporary furniture made from solid Maple. The Acer saccharum (Maple) species along with various varieties are some of the most beautiful woods known to man. Maple figure grains come in many forms, these figures are caused by compression from large limbs, vine constrictions, genetics, insect infestation, growth conditions, water conditions and numerous other causes may contribute to the appearance.

Maple Wood

One of the most sought after versions of Maple is what is known as “Birds Eye Maple”. Although many forms are available such as curly, straight grain and Tiger stripe. When machining Maple, the wood is turned into veneer or lumber. When cutting veneer, the knife is held along the length of the log, it produces a pronounced striped appearance across the grain. Since the cut crosses the wavy grain, it leaves a repeating pattern of end-grain, flat-grain, end-grain, giving the result of an almost 3-D appearance when finished with clear coats.

Maple has been a favorite of woodworkers and furniture manufactures all across North America for hundreds of years, not to mention the syrup produced by Sugar Maples.

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