Outfitting the Fireplace for Winter


With winter closely approaching, their is no better time to outfit your fireplace with decorative screens or fire tools. A decorative fireplace screen can spice up any dreary old fireplace. This type of screen is perfect to cover the look of the common fire glass on many fireplaces.

Another very useful addition is a good set of fireplace tools, these will provide you with everything you need get and keep your fire wood placed and regulated. Not only are they useful, but can be highly decorative too. Tools sets are available in many finishes such as Copper, Bronze, and of course Black.


Firewood Baskets are another decorative and useful item, why store wood where it is not easily accessible? Having a wood holder allows you to store wood conveniently and they are also available in a wide variety of finishes and sizes.

Get that fireplace crackling and ready for the long winter ahead. Find all the accessories you need for your fireplace at Rooms Delivered.