The People Who Use Contemporary Decorating

Do you like having a clean and clutter-free look? Do you enjoy having a home that makes a bold statement? Are you attracted to dramatic yet sophisticated spaces and furnishings? Then you will probably love the contemporary decorating style. Contemporary decorating became fashionable late in the 20th century and got its look from a very broad range of influences.

When stylish goods from Italian designers and other high quality European furnishings found their way onto the US market, the contemporary style of home designs blossomed overnight. Although many people might believe otherwise, the contemporary styled home is almost never cold or stark, but opts instead to merge the ideas of sophistication and comfort. Although this is one of the most popular decorating styles, it is never fussy, but rather it fixates on texture, tones and lines.

Common Characteristics Of A Space That Uses Contemporary Decorating:

Pops of bold color against a neutral background
Smooth surfaces and clean lines
Soft curves and an avoidance of ornamental touches
The use of reflective materials such as glass, chrome and steel
A focus on tone and texture with the use of natural fabrics
Use of white and black
Geometric shapes and patterns
Sleek lighting fixtures and cabinetry that is recessed or built-in

Many people tend to confuse the Modern decorating style with the contemporary decorating style, but these two design methods are actually quite different, even as they both lean towards uncluttered and simple spaces that boast clean, smooth lines. Originating in the later part of the 19th century, the modern decorating style is quite a bit older, however, many of its ideas have been borrowed by contemporary designers.