Recycled Poly-Lumber Furniture – Safe, Durable and Attractive

Here at Rooms Delivered, we pride ourselves on giving customers the ultimate shopping experience, from beginning to end. Since 1998, we have been using only the best furniture to supply to nursing homes, poolside areas, backyards, patios, parks, schools, college campuses, resorts and hotels.

Our collection of poly wood is some of the best offered in the industry of outdoor furniture. While walking around our shop, you will see a large variety of quality Poly-Wood Tables, Benches, Adirondack Chairs and accessories. In case you have any questions or would like some additional information on a particular furniture piece, you can contact us and speak with an employee specializing in poly-lumber products. Our expert will help you decide which recycled plastic articles of furniture are suitable for your outdoor areas.

All the recycled furniture pieces for sale at our store are handpicked by us. Quality is a top priority in our manufactured products, we also ensure that all purchased pieces are up to our high standards. Furthermore, our manufactures provide an extensive warranty on all products.

Consider Recycled Poly-Wood Furniture for your Outdoor requirements!

When you learn about the different benefits of purchasing furniture that has been recycled, you’ll see that it stands out from the rest. Poly-wood furniture is known to be durable, almost beyond destruction. It can withstand the most hostile environments and does not rot, peel, splinter or crack. Poly-lumber furniture is virtually maintenance-free, needing just a wash with water to get rid of dirt or dust from the outdoors. Unlike other types of furniture, painting, sanding, sawing or special treatment is not required.

What’s more, by buying recycled pieces of furniture, you will be doing your small part for our planet by going “green”. Another advantage of lumber is that it doesn’t fade as the color runs through the entire piece. So, if you would like to purchase quality Poly-Wood furniture, look no further. We’ve got just what you need. Also be sure to consider our matching cushions to complete your beautiful outdoor settings.

highwood is one of our major furniture manufactures, watch the video below to see how your new furniture from highwood is made.

highwood manufacturing video