Refresh Your Home With Colorful Tiles using Design Vidal

Looking for a unique way to refresh your interior? Have you ever thought about tile? Tile is one of our favorite ways to give an interior an unexpected update. In any room, whether the kitchen, bathroom or even the living room, tiles have a way of making a statement in a space. Whether being used for the outdoors, or inside, tiles are also a wonderful choice for highlighting an architectural detail in a room, and making a statement with patterns and color.

California-based interior design firm, Design Vidal, just launched a new line of colorful cement tiles perfect to refresh any space in your home. Inspired by their love of culture, the new collection, entitled, the Mystical Journey Collection, will take you from India, to Turkey to Persia, with stunning motifs of oversized flowers, birds, elephants, and more.

Posted by: Rooms Delivered