Rooms Delivered Added to Cozy!

Several of Rooms Delivered, Squidoo pages, have been added to the prestigious Cozy section on Squidoo. Cozy is a special section highlighting extra ordinary pages in the home furnishing and Decor categories. Two of our pages, “Large Wall Clocks”, which showcases large faced clocks in several styles & sizes, and “Car Theme Kids Room” which has wonderful ideas on decorating a car loving child’s room. Check out each page below.

Large Wall Clocks:
A large clock is excellent for telling time in large rooms, Adding a unique decor and creating conversation’s. Large clocks are available in many styles, from antique to modern, and in sizes to accommodate most decor, 18″ to 30″ sizes are not uncommon. Made from wood, resins or metal, these large wall clocks are truly stylish and functional.

Car Theme Kids Room:
Zoom, Zoom, Car theme bedrooms are all the rage. From Nascar to Indy, Formula 1 to Rally, cars and racing are every kids dream. Most boys would love having their bedrooms remodeled using a racing car, corporate logo or automotive garage theme. To create a car bedroom decor for your son, all it takes is a little careful planning. With the vast array of products available, you can redo your kids room into virtually any type of automotive setting.