The Secrets to Keeping Your Patio Plants Alive

As per specialists from the plant configuration and support masters at, one of the most vital things to think about when acquiring a plant is the amount light it requires. About all plants incline toward brilliant light, however some flourish almost as well in a shady spot. So step one is figuring out the amount light your space gets, and picking your plant likewise.

Determining your light directions:

Whether your patio faces North, South, East or West, you need to determine where your plants will receive the most light.


South bound patios will give the most light, and consequently the most choices regarding plants. Plants could be arranged close to the patio and still get a great amount of light.


East facing patios will get the most light in the early hours. You’ll need to pick a moderate light loving plant and arrange it near the edge.


West facing areas also provide a good amount of light, but in the afternoon, plants normally receive much more heat. You’ll want to choose a moderate light tolerate plant that can withstand higher heats.


North facing patios provide the lowest amount of light. You’ll want to choose a very low light plant and situate it as far away from the patio edge as practical.

Keeping your plants watered:

Depending on the amount of sunlight your plants receive, can make a big difference in the amount of water each plant needs. Using the proper amount of of water is crucial to productive and beautiful plants.

Keeping your plants fertilized:

All life needs nutrition to survive, fertilizing is sometimes a hit or miss situation, over fertilization can be just as bad as under fertilization. Using a proper organic mixture when planting, will greatly increase your chances of fruitful plants. The soil needs a good bio diversity to thrive, and nothing works better than compost with manure.

Spring is upon us, get your patio in shape using these handy tips.