Small Bathroom Space Tips


Remodeling your bathroom can be difficult and costly. The layout for the toilet, sink and tub is predetermined by the plumbing lines. If the room is tiny to start with, not much can be done to extend the space without expensive renovations.


There are cost-effective steps for updating your bathroom to help it live larger. Try one or all the following space enhancers for your bath.

Lose your vanity

Pedestal sinks pull the eye upward. While losing your vanity cabinet reduces other storage, the beneath can be used for a small trash can or a step on scale. Replacing those lower sink cabinets with a taller, narrow cabinet or a wall unit will give you storage elsewhere while retaining floor space.

Curtain replacement

Curtains, for both showers and windows, visually decrease tiny rooms. This occurs most when curtains are heavily patterned. Installing glass shower doors and simple window decor will keep the room feeling light.

Clutter cuts

Limit the number of small decorative objects, like candles and figurines. Corral hair brushes, make-up containers and other necessities for this room into baskets or bins. Keep like objects together and in easy reach. Baskets may be put on open shelving for ease of use. Choose those with simple designs and neutral colors to subtract clutter, not add to it.

Paint options

A coat of paint does wonders for perking up your bathroom decor. Lighter and neutral colors work well to give the illusion of more space. This is especially true in rooms that have no natural daylight available.

Light Change

Many times, dingy outdated light fixtures cause a room to be small. Many options exist for updating light fixtures. You can find lighting to match any style. Here again, simplicity is key to spaciousness.

That is it. They key to successfully bringing spaciousness to your bathroom is simple. Updating this often used room is as easy as changing its decor.