The Stylish Look of Blue Bedrooms

blue bedroom

Designing bedrooms in blue is a perfect way to create a peaceful, natural feeling to any home. There are many different ways you can add blue to give your room the feeling you want whether you are hoping for a spa like oasis or an exotic retreat or something in between, the right color scheme will create the room you’ve been looking for.

Start by finding a shade of blue that inspires you, then look for a paint that echoes that shade. Places to look for inspiration include the outdoors, your favorite shops, and even your own closet for colors you love. Once you have picked out the perfect color, start looking for bedding and accessory items that compliment both the color and the feeling you are looking for. Don’t forget to bring a paint swatch with you when you shop!

blue bedroom

Of course, paint isn’t the only way to create beautiful bedrooms in blue. You may also want to consider wallpaper, decorative finishes, or even vinyl wall decals or large pieces of artwork to bring the right shade of blue to your room.Look out for amazing color combinations as well. Mixing turquoise blue and coral can give a tropical feel, while a rich sapphire blue mixed with reds and oranges gives a more lively feeling. Blue pairs well with natural shades like white and rich browns too, helping to create a more natural feeling.

You may also introduce blue through the use of furnishings. Look for painted wooden goods, upholstered pieces like headboards and chairs, or lighting fixtures with blue shades. This allows you to create bedrooms in blue without ever adding a drop of paint.