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Furniture Companies Shifting from Flame Retardants

Safety regulations allowing upholstery to be made without flame retardants have gone into effect resulting [...]

Stanley Furniture – Back into Youth & Nursery Furniture

Stanley Furniture has reversed its decision to vacate the youth and nursery furniture category and [...]

December Retail Sales Slip – Furniture Sales Up

U.S. retail sales slipped 0.9 percent in December as demand for goods fell nearly across [...]

Carnaval Cheese Board – New!

New Carnaval Cheese Board added to the ever growing line up of products from Rooms [...]

Does Lack of Sleep Affect Mood?

Are you, your friends, or family moody? Could be lack of sleep. The body and [...]

World’s Lightest Table

Designer Benjamin Hubert has build the worlds lightest table. Using aircraft plywood, which is much [...]

Furniture Companies Help Sandy Victims

Furniture companies & non profits all across America are coming together to help victims of [...]

Pellet Stoves An Eco-Friendly Heating Option

Pellet stoves are becoming very popular alternatives to traditional heating systems like electricity, natural gas [...]

Highwood USA has become SHARP!

Highwood USA, a producer of synthetic wood located in the Tidewood Industrial Park, received certification [...]

Green Fireplaces Coming To Town

Ever wanted a Green Fireplace? Their showing up more and more at retailers around the [...]